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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet 16

Is there another word for "sweet" when it's a boy? Well it was 16 years ago right about this second that his sweet boy came into the world. The second of 3 boys he is charming and funny and sweet and has been since I can remember.
He has great friends and they wanted to take him out to lunch for a birthday celebration. So nice!!!
I provided the limo and although I wasn't there I suspect they all had a great time...other than not being able to get the cute little glass bottles of Coca-Cola that I bought opened. I didn't realize they weren't twist off and I guess the limo driver didn't think 16 year olds would need bottle openers!
After a few shots (pictures, people, pictures!) I did the right thing and went home. Love ya, Carter. You wanted to be 16 and now you are ; )
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