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Thursday, August 12, 2010

No humidity for the first day in 3 months. A picture perfect day. I may have bored my children with stories of "how mom used to walk this path every day when she worked nearby in her roaring 20's" but they acted interested at least! It is the most wonderful and restful place. People seem happy in this beautiful, enchanted garden that seems stopped in time. It is not hard to imagine women pushing baby buggies 100 years ago enjoying the same shady paths.

The artistry of the gardeners is not lost on me. What a joy, such expression, such pride in work. Exquisite beauty and arrangement of color around every corner. Note to self for next year...try this! Awesome!

Ronan and Carter on the Boston Public Garden bridge. It's been fun spending time with these boys this summer.

With the weeping willows watching over, a swan awaits the next ride.
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  1. Beautiful photos Martha! I'm so excited that Samantha will have this lovely spot as her front yard while in college! Wish I could be there as well.