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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mom remembers when...

Who can believe that this son of mine is 16 today? If there was a cuter kid...well of course, all of my kids are cute, but Carter has these rosy cheeks...
and impish grin and completely long eyelashes that I always told him were wasted on him!

Can you tell what his favorite show was? And how he never took off his "Survivor" buff? Did Survivor make up the name buff? I don't remember hearing it before or since used to identify that printed piece of stretchy poly-cotton blend that cast members wore as shirts, skirts, headbands and neckwear. We had about a dozen in the house and he and Brady either wore them around their head or around their wrist. For years it seemed like! Go Georgetown soccer!
Too cool on vacation in Maine.
I gather he is trying to look like a tough 7 year old at a Patriot's Superbowl Party. Is it working? You be the judge. I think the angelic face and grease paint cross each other out.

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