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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zexy Campbell Scott plays billionaire Boris Kuerster VonJurgens-Ratenicz. Memba him from "Singles"? I was just nowhere near your neighborhood...I guess you have to have seen that movie a dozen times like I did. I will love him forever as that handsome city architect.
The fun for the viewer is that for those rich enough to have their own private summer doctor, where they live is well, they've called it "real estate porn." They said it, not me.

Even on the Hamptons, I didn't imagine a place like this. I mean I am pretty familiar with Kennebunkport, Maine (The Bushies don't even live in a house this big) and the Vineyard (where you get elegant clapboard) but the money in the Hamptons is a whole different kettle of fish.
Boris getting his hair cut on his estate in front of his fountain. That happens at your house, right? The concierge Dr. Hank and his brother were invited to live in his carriage house while the doctor tries to figure out exactly what this mystery illness is and help discover a cure. See, told ya, what's more fun than this? Thursday nights. USA. It's not Sex and the City, but it's the next best thing, IMO.
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