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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recital Days

I admit it, I bribe my son to take hip-hop. It's his 3rd year and he really likes it and gets a good workout from it. But let's just say that I don't think he would "volunteer" to go if there were not a little payment involved. I danced for 10 years and so these hours of dress rehersal and recitals don't bother me at all.
Little Miss Tap. These wee ones were waiting to go on stage and in the 15 minute period they were "without" their parents, many had little meltdowns.
I brought Legos, knowing from year's past there's not much to do in the "waiting room" so he was perfectly happy.
Here's his group, waiting to go on. 10 girls and 3 boys in the dance. They did a great job!
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