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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Purchased treasures from the "flea"

Fun, fun, fun! I had just seen Sex and the City 2 the night before and this faux turquoise dangly necklace reminded me of their Abu Dhabi excursion. (I will post no review as I believe it is a revered institution and if you can't say anything nice...on the other hand, if they made 15 more I would still be there on opening night. The first movie just has more heart, that's all.) Oh, but back to the necklace. It was, no lie, 7 bucks. Now isn't that worth scouring the flea markets for jewelry?
Newburyport memorabilia...a not so old bike tag and a cool bottle that says "Bay State Bottling Company Newburyport, Massachusetts"
Rich helped carry a great old Canada Dry box (10 bucks) that we'll store the dog's leashes and toys in. Ronan found a new Pokemon card pack. When, oh when, will my house not have Pokemon cards in it? I think it's the one thing about these boys growing up that I will not miss ; ) .
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