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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Carter Darter

"No, Mom, really, it's for English class. We are all dressing up like a character in "Moby Dick" and I want to be Queequeg, the savage guy." "Ummm, can I shave my head?"
So always being up for an adventure in life, I told him "yes". So yesterday I watched...bravely... all of his beautiful thick hair fall away. So beautiful it should not be wasted on a boy. In the summer, dang him, he gets these natural highlights that last him almost until the next summer.
The stylist was having fun, but gone is the great "soccer" hair that effortlessly falls right back into place after running up and down the field and looks better at the beach with a little salt in it.
This mat was clean when she started. The kid had a lot of hair - beautiful hair - did I already say that?
Little brother can't stop touching the close shave. Mother is just waiting for it to grow back. (secretly I think Mr. Carter is, too - and oh by the way, after the big "Moby Dick" dress up English class today...we headed back to the barber's and they took the front bit off - no charge)
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