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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the garden is rockin'

No rhyme or reason at the beginning of planting this pretty garden by my side entry. It gets a ton of sun so I put in everything I knew
that could take it. Thinking back I always was envious of people who could have such a garden and was sure that you had to go to "garden college" or something to make it happen.
I do water every day and am very pleased with the performance of these flowers! But really, just a little knowledge about sun versus shade, perennial versus annual, lots of water and you are off and running. 15 years ago, I just had 4 pots in the front yard of our house in Georgetown. 4 pots of different flowers on the front stoop. I thought I was so clever ; )
They are waving at you - wave back!
Pansies still ok. I find the little yellow ones get beaten up by the sun. They probably won't be around too much longer, but everything around them are still getting bigger and greener. I am starting to be a satisfied gardener.
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