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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Favorite Summer Show...

ah, fix yourself something cool and perhaps a little decadent and go vacation for an hour. My absolutely favorite show of last summer and I am giddy that it has been brought back this summer is "Royal Pains." It is about a "concierge doctor" for hire in the Hamptons. He is somewhat of a medical McGyver, rescuing the rich and secretive from near death experiences with nothing more than his medical bag.
Ok, here are the brothers, handsome Dr. Hank Lawson and his financially challenged brother Evan. This is the carriage house they live in for free...
the beautiful assistant, Divya. She is committed to an Indian man who she does not completely love but is going through with the wedding plans for her family.
the very handsome Dr. Hank. Practical, smart, sexy and can bring anyone back from the near-dead.
Marcia Gay Harden shows up as Dr. Elizabeth Blair a very bossy doctor at the Hamptons Hospital who is used to getting things her way.
and in the last 30 seconds of last week's episode, we hear the Dr. Hank and Evan's no-good daddy is about to emerge...and is no other than Henry Winkler. Bring on the fun.
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