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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harvard calling....

"We are writing to offer our congratulations on your academic achievements and to encourage you to consider the opportunities available at Harvard as you plan your academic future."
I know they send out thousands of these. I know we get something from a different college every day during this all important college planning time between junior and senior year. I know that they base it on test scores and they don't know anything about my kid - YET! But it's not a bad day when Harvard comes calling in the mail to your son. 'Cause sista there was no app to Harvard addressed to his momma in 1978! Just holding it my hands made me proud.
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  1. Congratulations Brady! Get that application and fill it out ASAP - cause it will take A LONG TIME! I remember in '78 getting the application and saying "if I can't fill out the application, how am I going to survive in the school???" Best of luck!!