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Friday, June 25, 2010

My baby is 9

A rousing celebration we did have on the first day of summer, Ronan's official birthday. He turned 9. Last year we tried to do an outdoor event and it rained and it was postponed and it rained and finally somewhere around the end of July we were able to have the party. Although a little hot, it was perfect weather for a pool party. We don't actually have a pool, but my Brother Jay and his wife Catherine do, and they were generous enough to let us crash at their place.

If I was a 9 year old boy, this would have been my perfect afternoon. We had sack races...
and obstacle courses...
and we had cake and ice cream.
Since the There's no getting around it. Everything about them is identical.

My Ronan, enjoy your membership to "Club Penguin" from your friend, Brian. These scratchy little handwritten notes are fleeting (and precious). May you stay forever young.

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