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Friday, June 25, 2010

The whole family took part in this party!
The brothers were only too "happy" to lifeguard a gaggle of 9 year old boys.
On the count of 3! The only problemo was that I forgot to take on "before" they jumped in and then the day got busy and I never did get another group photo! It happens, people, it happens. Even when the mom tries really, really hard!
What's a backyard pool party without a pie eating contest? When we told the boys about the pie eating contest, I must say right then and there in the most unexpected place came bubbling up our societal pampering of these children. Remember when we were 9, she says like an elder ; ) It would have been "PIE! REALLY? AND IT'S NOT THANKSGIVING??" These coddled ones, "what kind of pie?" "I've never had boston creme pie before" "I don't know if I should" "I might get sick". Seriously.

Now I can't say I have not added to the problem. I make sure my youngest is cozy and comfortable and secure at all times. I wanted him to bring a blanket and a travel pillow on the plane when he traveled with his father to visit family in Florida. So Rich informed him that "real men don't bring blankets on the plane" and we all laughed about it. But it's true, really.

So I will teach you what I can teach you and your father will teach you his perspective on the world. I heard from many people when you were born that "he will be the joy of your life." Just sayin' with a 6 and 8 year old in the house already and chasing the heck out of you for 4 years I just didn't see the "joy" part. The cracking up part, yes. The taking care of part, yes. The accomplishment part (look at all of these boys that I gave birth to!), yes. I always thought it would just be Brady and Carter so when you came along, well, I am still surprised!

But let me say, without question, as we grow together you are most assuredly the joy of my life. Without being completely maudlin...ok, sometimes I quote "our" song that I thought fit us as soon as I heard it "God Bless the broken road that led me straight to you."
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